tremolisto: a collection of isolated guitar parts

1 min
April 21, 2024

I have been collecting interesting parts of songs that feature a guitar. It’s been a few months now and I have 117 of them. This seems like a good time to introduce it.

Check it out at:

It focuses on solos and riffs. And is biased towards electric guitar. The guitar sections are available to play directly on the website. They are trimmed from the original audio, so some non-guitar sounds may be included.

This started as a simple list of songs I keep in my notes. It was meant to be a list of songs I could try playing once I started learning the guitar. But it grew quickly. I would need years or even decades of learning to be able to play some of those songs. Now it’s just a collection. I can listen to or reference riffs anytime, anywhere.

I welcome any corrections. And would absolutely love more recommendations. Please reach out to me.

The code for downloading, processing audio and the website is open sourced here: